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We offer daily/weekly visits as well as "vacation care" (for any out of town trips). See below for individual visit pricing.

Short Visits ($15)

This is the most popular option (15 minutes). This includes a potty break or walk, feeding, administering medication, playtime, cuddling, litter box scooping, or whatever else your pet(s) may need. No extra charge for multiple pets as long as the tasks can be completed within given timeframe.

Long Visits ($20)

Includes same care as a short visit, but twice as long (30 minutes). Great for dogs who need a longer walk or for multiple pet households that just need extra attention & love while you're away.

Note on visit length:
Visit length is approximate: 15 minutes for short and 30 minutes for long visits. We will stay the full 15/30 minutes even during our busiest days. On days when we have more time, we may even stay longer. :) But be assured that your pets will always get the full time that you pay for!

Overnight Stays ($70)

Limited availability, so book early! Visit includes feeding & potty break before bedtime, and first thing the next morning... plus lots of extra cuddle time! I will stay overnight at your house from 8-9:30pm through 7-9am (approximately 11 hours). Great for pets who are not used to sleeping alone, or even for puppies or senior dogs who may need extra potty breaks in the middle of the night. (Make sure to book an extra visit or two in between overnights if your pets require it!)

Overnight Stay w/long AM walk ($80)
A morning potty break out back or short walk are included in your regular overnight stay. However, if your dog(s) require a long walk (>15 minutes) in the morning (or need to be walked separately), then there will be an additional $10 charge.

Pet Taxi Service ($15)

Transportation to or from doggy daycare, boarding, vet appointments, or the groomer. Fee is flat rate within service area, one way. Destinations include: Woodpoint, Eastside (vet), Paisley Paw, Pine St (vet), All Care Kennel, etc.

Late Booking Fees ($5/per visit)

While we love being able to accommodate last minute requests when necessary, please be considerate of your sitters' time when booking. A late booking fee of $5 per visit will be charged for all visits not booked within the appropriate timeframes as follows:

    Daily (weekday) visits:     72 hours

    Vacation care/weekends:  7 days    (of 1st visit)

    Holidays & overnights:    14 days    (of 1st visit)

Note:  Late booking fee may be waived at my discretion if due to an emergency.

Holiday Fees ($5/per visit)

To help encourage sitters to give up time with their families to work over the holidays, we do charge a small holiday fee. Charge will only be added to the actual holiday day (not the dates before & after). Fee is an additional $5 per visit. Applies to the following holidays:

  • Easter Sunday
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve day
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year's Eve day
  • New Year's Eve

Cancellation Fees

We do have to turn clients away especially during summer & holidays, so please make sure to cancel early to avoid a cancellation fee – and so another client has time to fill your spot. The same notice applies as for late booking fee shown above. You will be charged 50% of the total visits booked when cancelling less than 48 hours in advance for daily visits, less than 7 days of your 1st scheduled visit for vacation care, or less than 14 days of your first scheduled overnight or holiday visits. You will be charged 100% for scheduled visits if cancelling with less than the required notice. I also reserve the right to require a non-refundable deposit for those clients who routinely cancel.

2020–2021 Update: Until things get back to normal, for any COVID-related cancellations, fees will be waived. I just want everyone to be safe. :)