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While we are unable to provide discounts to the general public (other than for the elderly residents of Eden Terrace), I am so grateful that my job provides me with these opportunities to help animals in need – and sometimes their humans too! :)

We will take your donations!
Whether you have a pet who has passed away, or just have extra pet food or supplies you no longer need, we can find a home for those! Dry cat/dog food (including opened bags), canned cat/dog food, treats, crates or carriers, cat traps, old towels, food bowls, leashes, collars, paper towels, cat litter, etc...

I'm always happy to collect stuff and divide it out to deliver to local charities who need it. All donations are tax-deductible.

These are nonprofits we have helped thanks to our clients:
Monroe's Mighty Mission: cat & dog food (wet or dry)
Foster Paws: cat food (especially kitten food or formula)
Cat Trap Depot: humane live traps, newspapers, canned cat food
Animal Allies: newspapers, large empty boxes
Spartanburg Humane Society: towels, blankets, leftover pet prescriptions, cat litter, laundry detergent

Community Cats
In this business, we are constantly finding stray cats & dogs either at our visits, or while driving across town. I love that the other sitters are softies too, and will stop and let me know if there's a feral cat that needs trapped & fixed, or if there's a stray dog that needs help finding their owner.

In September 2020, while doing her daily dog walks at Eden Terrace, Anna noticed a litter of kittens under a shed. Over the course of a week, we were able to trap all 6 and find them good homes. We also trapped mama & another female, got them both spayed with Animal Allies, and then re-released. One of the employees at ET continues to care for both kitties.

Then in January 2021, after various TNR adventures with clients (including one house where we spayed/neutered 12 orange cats!), I was inspired to create a nonprofit called Cat Trap Depot to help with community TNR (trap-neuter-return) by renting humane traps & other supplies to those who need them. If you are feeding any stray cats, ask me how to get them fixed!