I get asked once in awhile about discounts. While I am unable to offer them to the general public, we do have a few opportunities each year to help out in the community. And as I have learned in my years of doing this, "free" or "discounted" is never as simple as that... somehow these visits always end up costing me money. haha ... but I wouldn't change a thing! I am so grateful that my job provides me with these opportunities to help animals in need (and sometimes their humans!)  :)

2020 Animals Who Found *Us*

I've been helping a friend with this handsome boy, Charlie since February. His owner is currently incarcerated, so we've been feeding him, cleaning his kennel, taking him for walks, and getting the veterinary attention he needs. He ended up testing positive for Heartworm, but thanks to our generous friends and community, we were able to fundraise $968 total, which paid for his treatment, annual shots, and 6 months of future heartworm prevention.

9/13/20 Update: while caring for Charlie, we came across an injured puppy that was stuck under the neighbor's deck. We were able to rescue him, and get him to the vet. I am currently fostering him until a rescue can take him in. This puppy also led us to discover his mama & 2 other puppies who neighbors say were abandoned when the used car lot down the street went out of business. We are currently feeding mama & remaining pups until we can come up with a plan to trap them.

Feral kitties

In this business, my sitters and I are constantly finding stray cats & dogs either at our visits, or while driving across town. I love that all of my sitters are softies too, and will stop and let me know if there's a feral cat that needs trapped & fixed, or if there's a stray dog that needs help finding their owner.

This September, while doing our daily walks at Eden Terrace, Anna noticed kittens under a shed. Over the course of a week, we were able to trap all 6 and find them good homes. We also trapped mama & another female, got them both spayed with Animal Allies, and then re-released.

Need to get rid of some stuff?
Whether you have a pet who has passed away, or just have extra pet food or supplies you no longer need, we can find a home for those! :)  Canned or dry cat or dog food, dog crates, cat traps, old towels, food bowls, collars, etc... I'm always happy to collect stuff and divide it out to local charities who need it.

These are two that we are able to help regularly thanks to our clients:
Monroe's Mighty Mission: cat & dog food (wet or dry)
Spartanburg Humane Society: towels, blankets, leftover pet prescriptions

I'm always happy to store unwanted crates and cat traps at my house too, as I'm always loaning these out to clients or others in the community who may need them temporarily.

HUMANE SOCIETY (holiday donation drive)

Every year during the holidays, we collect donations for the Spartanburg Humane Society. Between Thanksgiving and the new year, if you have any items you would like to donate, please leave them at your house for a sitter to pick up during their next visit (with a note so that we know they're for us!)  In previous years, clients have donated anything from open pet food bags (rejected by their picky eaters) to gently used collars (after replacing with new ones). This is a great way to "recycle" those things that may normally be thrown away. A basic wish list is below:

New or gently used items:  Kongs and dog toys, tennis balls, cat toys and treats, dry or canned dog food, dry/wet cat food, newspapers, towels, yarn for cat blankets
Gift cards: Tractor Supply, Walmart, Lowes, Petco, Petsmart
Checks: made out to "Spartanburg Humane Society"

All donations are tax-deductible. For a full wish-list, please see their website: