All cats and dogs must be current on their rabies vaccination, and the certificate must be uploaded to your pet's profile in Time To Pet. The only exception is feral/community cats. Beginning 1/1/24, any clients without proof of vaccination on file, will not be able to schedule visits.

We do not give client dogs any sort of rawhide chew or bone while under our care due to the risk of gastrointestinal obstruction . For more information on how rawhide is made, and the potential dangers, please read this website.

There are many safer, more digestible alternatives now, such deer antlers, bully sticks, and "rawhide alternative" brands such as SmartBone, DreamBone, and No-Hide.


​We ask that all clients please provide a regular 4-6 foot leash for walks. If one is not provided, we will bring our own. 

We do not use stretchy (bungee) style leashes or flexi-leads (also known as retractable leashes). Other than maybe a leisurely sniff in the backyard for a small & elderly dog, these leashes are not appropriate for most scenarios and can be potentially dangerous for both your pet and our team. For more information on the potential dangers of flexi-leads, please read this website


For the safety of your pets, we do not allow dogs to be off leash during our visits, unless it is in a secure, fenced-in yard. This also applies to indoor cats. We prefer to keep them inside during our visits (even if you allow them outside occasionally). There is never any guarantee that your dog or cat will listen to their sitter like they do their owner, so we prefer to err on the side of caution.

As a professional pet service provider, we take our responsibilities very seriously and are not comfortable sharing the care of your pet(s) with ANOTHER PERSON. Additionally, having ANOTHER PERSON(S)* enter your home during the booking period when we are caring for your pet(s) will VOID our liability insurance, and we cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur to your pet(s) and/or property.  
* ANOTHER PERSON(s) includes but is not limited to the following: cleaning crews, contractors, your teenage kids, neighbors, friends, other family members, roommates, etc. 

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LATE BOOKING FEES ($5/visit or $10/overnight)

While we try to accommodate last minute requests when possible, we do reserve the right to decline services if we do not have availability. Note: services are not confirmed until your requests have been approved by Jamie in Time To Pet, and you have received an email confirmation.

A late booking fee of $5 per visit ($10 per overnight/sleepover) will be charged for all visits not booked within the appropriate time frames as detailed below:

    Daily (weekday) visits:     48 hours 
    Vacation care/weekends:  7 days    (of 1st visit)
​    Holidays & overnights:    14 days    (of 1st visit)

NOTE If it is for a true emergency (ie, death in the family, hospital stay, etc) please message Jamie stating this, and we will do our best to fit you in. Late booking fee may be waived at my discretion if due to an emergency.

HOLIDAY FEE ($5/visit or $10/overnight)

To help encourage sitters to give up time with their families to work over the holidays, we do charge a small holiday fee. Fee is an additional $5 per visit ($10 for overnights). Applies to the following days:

     Easter Sunday
     Memorial Day
     4th of July
     Labor Day
     Thanksgiving Day + the Friday after
     Christmas Eve (after 4pm)
     Christmas Day
     New Year's Eve (after 4pm)
     New Year's Day

Definition: Any service that is more than 1 single visit, and/or not part of a regular weekly/monthly schedule, is considered "vacation care".

​Once services are confirmed, we reserve that time for your pets and do not overbook (which means turning away other clients nearly every week). We understand that sometimes plans change and that you need to cancel your travel plans. However, due to the nature of this business, we are typically unable to fill any empty spots that a cancellation creates. Additionally, time-consuming administrative tasks are performed each time a reservation is accepted and/or cancelled. With this in mind, the following cancellation fees apply:

​For daily/weekly visits (weekdays):
48 hours or more prior to scheduled visit: NO CHARGE
25-48 hours: 50% of visit fee
24 hours or less: FULL PRICE

For vacation care and/or weekends:
7 days or more prior to first date of scheduled service: NO CHARGE
3–7 days: 50% of total scheduled services
2 days or less: FULL PRICE for entirety of scheduled services ($200 maximum)

For overnights and/or holiday weeks:
14 days or more prior to first date of scheduled service: NO CHARGE
8-14 days: 50% of total scheduled services
7 days or less: FULL PRICE for entirety of scheduled services ($300 maximum)

Note: Cancelled visits due to late departures will not be refunded. Cancelled visits due to early returns may be issued a 50% credit at Jamie's discretion, depending on amount of notice provided.