Our initial first meeting is free of charge. We will schedule a date & time for me to come to your house, meet you & your pets, go over care instructions, and grab a set of keys (2). Note: If you require an additional meeting in the future, or additional key pickup or dropoff, it will be subject to a $15 visit charge (to cover the cost of our sitters' time & gas).


At our meet 'n greet, please have 2 key copies ready (and tested). I keep one copy on me, and the second in my home in case of an emergency (ie, if a key breaks or is lost, if a second sitter is covering a visit, etc). Keys are labeled with your pet names only, and a 2-3 digit # for my reference. Tags will have no identifying info such as your last name or address. 


Our service area covers downtown and east Spartanburg. Scroll to the bottom of this page for detailed map. Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate the west side, Boiling Springs, and/or other areas at this time, but please feel free to email me for a referral to another trusted local sitter. As of Nov 2018, we are no longer taking new clients in Boiling Springs, but will continue to care for our current ones. 


Please book early for vacation care needs. I prefer not to charge late booking or cancellation fees as I am more than happy to help in emergency situations (ie, illness/death in the family, delayed flights, schedule changes at work, etc).  But please be considerate of others and cancel as early as possible so someone else can use your spot. Scheduling early also allows the other sitters & I the ability to schedule time with our own families too -- which is a much appreciated luxury! :)

For daily/single visits, we require at least 48 hours notice. For vacation care, we require at least 7 days notice before your first scheduled visit. For holidays & overnight visits, we require at least 14 days notice before your first scheduled visit. Same time frames apply to cancellations (see "Rates/Services" page for cancellation fees). I recommend booking even earlier as slots fill up quickly, especially for holidays and in the summer!


I am typically available for pet visits from 8am through 9pm daily (including weekends & holidays). On my busiest days, I may start as early as 7am when necessary to fit everyone in, but if you need anything outside of those hours, please consider booking an overnight visit. I will also only respond to emails and text messages within these business hours (my phone will be in silent mode outside of those hours).


The best way to contact me is either via text (574) 286-4758 – or email at If it is an emergency, please text or call –  otherwise, please note that I try not to answer phone calls while I am working so that everyone's furkids get my full attention. :) It is also helpful for me to have communication in writing so that we can double & triple check any care updates & schedule changes. For non-emergencies, leave a message and you will receive a reply from me within 48 hours.

Fees are per visit. All families are different, and it depends on your pet(s)' individual needs. Dogs typically require 2-4 visits a day; while cats may only need 1-2 visits a day (or even 1 every other day). See the RATES/SERVICES page for more details. I do not offer discounts except for residents of Eden Terrace (assisted living) as I do donate my time to help out the community in other ways, and cannot afford to do more.  (see CHARITY WORK).


Payment is due at the time of service. For daily/weekly visits, please pay at the beginning of the week. For vacation care, please leave payment at our first visit. We accept the following payment methods:
     Check:    Jamie's Petsitting (or Jamie Marfurt)
     Venmo:   hubcitypets
     Zelle:      574-286-4785

NOTE:if you would like to pay via credit card, please sign up for a Venmo account and you can use a card through their service.

I currently have two other sitters helping me, both covered under my pet sitting insurance. They are very responsible and work from the same care notes that I have on your pets (from our meet 'n greet). While I do a lot of visits myself, having multiple sitters is beneficial for being able to cover the busy summer & holiday seasons, as well as having backup in case of emergencies or illness (not to mention, it gives me a day off once in awhile!) It took me many months of interviews & trial periods with my own dogs, to choose awesome sitters whom I fully trust to contract with. So rest assured, your pets are receiving the same quality care they deserve from all of our sitters. Please visit the Sitters page to read more about your sitters.


I love taking photos of your fur kids! I also post them daily on my Facebook page. If for some reason you do not wish to have photos of your pets posted online, please just let me know at our initial meeting. I do my best to make sure there are no personal items/photos in the background of the photos, as well as anything embarrassing such as dirty laundry or other messes! lol No judgement from us – EVER – but we will be respectful and not include anything you may find "embarrassing" in public photos.


1) BOARDING: I am unable to take pets into my ownhome. I have several rescue dogs, and it takes months to introduce a new dog into our home, so "boarding" is just not feasible. We only offer visits in your home. I also truly believe that most pets are much more comfortable in their own home anyways, and it is safer for all pets involved.

2) DOG TRAINING: I am very dog savvy and happy to help reinforce any training you are doing at home during my visits, but I am not a professional dog trainer. I would be happy to refer you to a professional trainer – just ask!

3) DOG "BABYSITTING": We only offer short & long visits. Unfortunately, we are not able to sit at a dog's home for hours at a time (except in the case of overnight visits).


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